What is the Habit Analytics Platform?

Habit’s platform provides a full stack of real time data intelligence through our API’s & SDK’s.

Selfcare Project Management

We offer a Selfcare Project Management tool, multi-function management tool that lets you:

  • Create your branded mobile app

  • View and manage your costumers

  • Integrate and manage IoT devices


We’re focused on bringing into our platform devices that are representative of the ecosystems that you focus on and the markets you operate in.

We’re already compatible with award-winning connected devices, but we can integrate any other IoT device vendors.

If you what to do your own integration, just follow our documentation here.

White Label Mobile App or Your custom App

Build your mobile app with us or embed our features into your existing mobile app with our API.

The white label app is open-source and available for Android and iOS.

Mobile SDK & Demo App

HabitAnalytics is an SDK that easily helps you gather analytics information.

It is available for Android and iOS with a demo app to show how easy it is to integrate it.